Hellenic History Tournament

The Hellenic History Tournament is a one-day quiz-show-type single elimination tournament sponsored by the Connecticut and Rhode Island District of AHEPA (The American Hellenic Educational Progressive Association).  Hosted by the Saint Barbara Parish on November 16, 2013, the Tournament is open to students in grades 8-12 who form three-member teams and compete to win a share of $4,500 in prize money.

The Registration Deadline for each team to participate in the tournament is June 30th and they must be sponsored by their local AHEPA Chapter.  Each contestant receives a copy of “Hellenika Heritage and History” by T. Peter Limber; the book is used as a basis for most of the competition questions.

The single-day tournament begins at 11:30 a.m. and ends at 4:30 p.m. with each participant receiving a certificate of participation.  During the match, each question together with four multiple choice answers are projected onto a large screen from a computer monitor.  The questions are read and answers recorded by adult moderators, with the computer keeping a running log of the team’s scores.  The visual projection of the questions, answers and scores helps keep the audience aware and involved.  The team that answers the majority of the twenty-four questions correctly is the winner of the match.

Teams compete in simultaneous matches in successive rounds.  A team that loses a match, is eliminated.  A team that wins a match, goes on to the next round and another match against another winning team.  The process of elimination culminates in a final match between the two remaining teams.  At the end of the final match, the three first place winners are each awarded a $1,000 prize and a Hellenic History Tournament Trophy with the members of the second place receiving $500 each.

For additional information regarding the Hellenic History Tournament or to participate in the next tournament, please speak to a member of our parish’s AHEPA Chapter or speak to Father Peter.

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