Book and Icon Store



Come and bear witness to a phenomenal presentation of items focused on faith in the Lord, while supporting the on-going ministry of the Saint Barbara Greek Orthodox Church. As you buy from our Book and Icon Store, you also receive the great gift of giving to the church through your purchase while helping to propel the ongoing message of good works done in Christ’s Holy Name. 

The Book and Icon Store is a 100% volunteer staffed ministry of our parish.  Throughout the years the Book and Icon Store has grown into a community gathering place, as each of us seek a special way to nourish our soul and share a smile amongst friends, neighbors, children, students, parishioners, and patrons. We give thanks for the many ways God brings us together over the pages of a book, the serenity of an icon or the smile of a child whose eyes are open wide at the beauty they find within the Book and Icon Store. Come and See!

A visit to our store provides a comforting respite to the searching pilgrim, and opens an opportunity for a beautiful calm of mind, body, and spirit amidst the sea of life.  We have created an atmosphere that penetrates the soul as each one of us recognizes that God is our anchor and Christ is our hope. Our store is about shining The Light! Our store is about sharing stories of the Saints! Our store is about spreading the Gospel! Our store is about following the Cross!  These are some of the experiences that each of us has while journeying on the daily path of salvation. Come and search through the pages of books, and unearth a discovery of your heart with spiritual meaning, through the “holy mystery” of an icon. Come and see!

You are encouraged to frequently visit our Book and Icon Store and notice the new item you did not see before! We are always updating seasonal items throughout the year. You will feel uplifted and open to grace-filled moments of soul inspiration while glancing across the plethora of items in our store, such as faith based books, icons, prayer ropes, candles, votive lights and vigil lamps. 

You will also find comforting resources that foster life and light, healing and hope. We have helpful resources related to grief, and books written that include sources quoting the saints throughout the ages to help you with spiritual askesis. Let some of the words settle in your soul, then you can experience the “good alteration” that God sees right for you, and your light will shine even brighter as you share what you’ve learned with others. This is one way of passing on of The Light Of Christ - The Eternal Flame of God that burns in our hearts as Christians, alit always for God, and created to be shared and to help spread the gospel. 

The gospel leads us on the pathway of salvation, as the journey of life is a process for every individual. In the Orthodox Christian view it is an askesis, a “spiritual striving or spiritual training” everyday. This askesis brings us even closer to Christ, as we contend in spiritual struggles with dedication to our Lord, developing discipline and obedience and as we continue through life in the process of Theosis – that is becoming more like God, a constant turning towards God, by His Divine Mercy and Grace, and by His ever loving care for us which He shares freely. He is the same yesterday, today, and forever. He is ever constant yet ever new. He is our Rock, and our Fortress. All of this is found in the Scriptures and through the writings of the Holy Fathers, the saints and the ascetics of our one holy catholic and apostolic church. 

Take time to pour over the scriptures in the Orthodox Study Bible. Come and be led to “the Rock that ishigher than I” as described in the Book of Psalms. Seek and you shall find, as you continue to grow in faith and tradition perusing pages of Christian history, and knowing that you are not alone on your journey. May the Holy Trinity guide you to holiness and wholeness at our Orthodox Christian Bookstore. Come and See!

Every year the Saint Barbara Book and Icon Store opens its doors a little wider as we make room for a variety of items.   Here you will find inspiration through the biblical quotes engraved into jewelry, printed on bookmarks, or carved into journals. Everywhere you look we pray you find Christ and His Message of Salvation in your midst. He is ever present and fills all things. Our Christian store can be your source for illuminating candles, Christmas and Easter specialty items and so much more. Come and see! 

We searched this year for some exceptional items that we hope will bring joy to that special person, a child, daughter or granddaughter, son or grandson, godchild, mother, father, aunt, uncle, cousin orfriend that would rejoice in receiving a gift from our store. We offer a splendid selection of gifts for children, baptisms, weddings, birthdays, graduations, and other occasions. Our uncommon unique 

hand-selected array of greeting cards will brighten your day, as well as lift up the spirit of the one whom you chose to share the greeting!  Come and see!

Find the perfect gift, one that keeps giving by the sharing of God’s Word. At our store, take time to select a sentiment of care and concern for your own spiritual growth or for that of another during a time of need, or carefully and thoughtfully choose extraordinary Christian gifts 

while giving opportunity for life and light, healing and hope to permeate your being. Experience the surreal surroundings of our store and celebrate the every day wonder of God’s Love! Thank you for remembering to choose your next icon, book or special treasured gift from the Saint Barbara Book and Icon Store. Your next moment at our store can be momentous! Come and see! 

Hope to see you there!